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Accessing support can be daunting, so we thought hearing about other people's experiences working with a therapist is important to help you take that first step.

All feedback has been anonymised to protect Client confidentiality. 

Client with Depression and Low Self-Esteem

I've experienced depression for most of my life.  I thought I should be able to deal with my problems myself until it all became too much. Jacqui provided me with a safe space to understand my experiences and enabled me to speak about my problems for the first time.  She helped me to manage my unhelpful thoughts, I couldn't recommend her enough. I wish I had accessed support earlier.

Client with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Jacqueline was a fantastic help to me as my therapist. She helped me face my fears and uncover some deep trauma that had been underlying for many years. I had hidden away so much. She was very patient and listed intently.  The EMDR therapy has completely changed things for me.  I am now able to go about my day without the constant distress of trauma.

Client with Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Jacqueline was really lovely, sweet and kind to me about everything. I had no clue how I could stop worrying, it felt completely uncontrollable. She helped me understand the cycle of worry and how I was maintaining anxiety and worry. I've even managed to help a friend with the tools I have learnt.  Jacqueline is the best.

Our Clients Also Say

trauma therapy.jpg
I cannot speak highly enough about my therapist. She treated me so sensitively and really made me feel so comfortable from the beginning right through to the end. So much so that I would consider her as a very supportive person, I would definitely recommend Jacqui to anyone as a therapist, it's just a shame our therapy sessions have come to an end but only because she is so good at her job

A Client, November 2023 - PTSD - Trauma Treatment

Client with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I've had OCD since I was 12 years old (now 56) and throughout my life I have had times when it has got better and worse. I tried to manage it on my own and didn’t realise therapy could be so effective.  A year ago, my family started to notice how distressed I was becoming.  I was spending much more time, completing certain tasks, and struggling with intense anxiety, I didn’t even was to leave the house.  Eventually this affected my job and homelife so much I was unable to see my grandchildren due to my fears.  This was impacting on everyone and caused a breakdown.  Jacqui was extremely understanding and knowledgeable.  She listened and helped me with my experiences.  Therapy was hard at times and Jacqui was so patient.   I can now understand that OCD was a response to an early trauma and since completing therapy, life has changed. I no longer do all the things I previously did and most of all I am focused on enjoying time with my children. I cannot thank you or recommend you enough.

A Client; August 2023 - PTSD

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say this. And I hope it gets back to Jacqui, because I couldn't have done it without her... It truly does take teamwork! Thank you. 
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