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EMDR Therapy solutions in mind

How do I access Therapy Sessions...?


Before making any commitment to treatment, you will be offered a free 20-minute consultation to ensure that the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy and/or EMDR Therapy is suitable for you and your current presenting problem.   



We understand the importance of finding the right therapist for your needs and encourage this consultation prior to selecting any therapy sessions.  This can offer you a brief insight into therapy and where you can start to build a solid therapeutic relationship with your therapist.   It can also provide you with opportunity to ask any questions and ensure you are happy to proceed before booking your first initial assessment session.


If we believe an alternative approach or service would be more suitable for you, then we will make recommendations of alternative support.  For CBT/EMDR therapy to be most effective, treatment sessions ideally should be accessed on a weekly basis or bi-weekly where appropriate.


The initial assessment appointment will be 60-minutes long and will allow us to explore the main difficulties you are currently experiencing, along with your goals of accessing support and your expectations of treatment. Following this appointment, provided we are both happy to proceed, then subsequent treatment sessions can be scheduled. 


Treatment sessions can be approx. 50-90 minutes long and will be regularly reviewed to ensure we are continuing to work in a way you are finding beneficial and towards the agreed treatment goals. At the end of each treatment session, the following appointment will be scheduled. 

Regulations and Accreditations







The National Institute for Clinical Excellence Guidelines (NICE) recommend between 8-20 CBT/EMDR treatment sessions, depending on presenting problem and severity. However, there is no obligation for a specific number of sessions to be completed.

In order for therapist to offer treatment it is also important for them to be qualified and belong to a professional organisation to ensure best clinical practice and abide by a code of conduct and ethics.  Please see the links below (opens new browser) which provide information relating to the professional organisations and accreditations needed to offer specialist Psychotherapy.





























We currently offer Psychotherapy in the comfort of your personal surroundings via Microsoft Teams video call direct to your therapist or by visiting a therapy room in person...

EMDR Association UK
BABCP Professional Information
NICE Guidelines
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online therapy solutions in mind
online therapy solutions in mind

Some appointment sessions can be offered via telephone.....

telephone therapy soluitions in mind

Remote therapy has shown to be as effective as in person face-to-face therapy. There are a number of benefits of online therapy such as...



convenience from the comfort of your home

reduced time travelling

reduced costs of travelling and parking

your choice of suitable venue

familiarity of your own surroundings....

comfort of your home
use a tablet therapy solutions in mind
safe at home therapy solutions in mind
relaxation and support

It may also provide opportunity for individuals who may otherwise find it difficult to access a regular therapy appointment.


This may be due to work commitments, childcare, mobility difficulties, location or due to personal preference.

online access therapy solutions in mind
covid safe therapy solutions in mind
busy childcare therapy solutions in mind
access anywhere therapy solutions in mind
disability access therapy solutions in mind online

A brief message from our
Lead Specialist CBT / EMDR Psychotherapist...

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'Prior to the pandemic, in person face-to-face therapy was the most requested  mode of therapy engagement by my patients using the NHS and generally by people accessing my private practice.    Since this time, things have significantly changed in the therapeutic world and we can now offer a much broader way of ensuring people can gain access to, and benefit from, all kinds of therapy. 


In 2020, many therapist (both in the NHS & Privately) reverted to online face-to-face therapy solely as a means of continuing to offer the essential support to people when the world was unable to meet in person - with fantastic outcomes and adaptations!  Some outcomes have been considered to be more effective delivered online face-to-face than in person sitting in an unfamiliar room - for various reasons.  In fact, psychologists and researchers will have a vast role in understanding the impact of online face-to-face delivery of therapy for many years to come.

During the assessment phase of your therapy, we can explore  how online face-to-face psychotherapy can enhance your sessions, and we can guide you to using your personal mobile phone, laptop, tablet or computer to gain the most from your sessions.


Jacqueline Sawkins

BABCP & EMDR Association Accred / Reg.

An example of our Therapy Rooms...

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